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- Restore and Protect your Investment

Your furniture is one of the biggest investments in your home, so choosing who to trust to clean and maintain your upholstery is no small decision. I can provide the safest and best cleaning results for your upholstered furniture, guaranteed. You can trust that I am fully trained, professionally qualified and have years of experience in cleaning all sorts of upholstered furniture, from your favourite old armchair, though modern 3-piece suites, dining chairs, recliners, and footstools all the way to restorative cleans of antiques. I am skilled in the care Chairof all fabric types, even the most delicate, so you can feel comfortable in knowing I'll choose the proper upholstery cleaning solution for your furniture, will use the proper techniques and have specially designed tools to gently clean folds and crevices to ensure the entire piece is fully cleaned to the best of its potential.

The multi-staged deep wash & stain removal of my service (outlined below) provides a thorough, safe and eco-friendly wash for your valuable furniture. Click here for leather. Leather logo

Before I CleanFabric Typres

Firstly I will lay down waterproof dust sheets to protect your floorings.

Identification - Furniture can be upholstered in a great range of fabrics. Just as you choose the correct washing cycle for your clothes it is essential to employ the right methods and the right cleaning solutions when caring for furniture. Harsh chemical solvents or untrained use of powerful equipment can cause permanent damage or leave behind sticky residues. From my analysis I make the best choice of cleaning solution, water temperature, jet pressure and vacuum suction strength for your particular item.

Deep Vacuum - This is essential to firstly remove dry soil contaminants like dust mites, pollen, household dust and dander and, secondly to loosen and begin to remove the deepest, worn in soil particles.Stain Removal kit

Pre-Clean Stain Treatment - Some stains, by their chemical nature, must be tackled dry.

Pre-Spray - The greener detergents I use will now require a brief 'soak', the same way you care for your delicate clothing items, so I dampen the fabric of your upholstery and massage the cleaning solution in.Clean Machine


Now I can perform the main, Wet Wash & Extraction. This needs equipment that can spray the next stage of my chosen cleansing solution evenly into the material (without overly wetting it), plus a machine that can then rinse and extract all the solution and cleanly remove it to a waste water tank (some machines simply recycle the same, dirty solution through the fabric). My principal machine is the Extracta Exel. It has high levels of power & control and is the ultimate choice for the serious professional. Twin heavy duty vacuums can be used together or independently giving me maximum versatility. Extra vacuum power means deeper cleaning & drier furniture. My machine has its own on-board water heater so I don't tax your Hand Toolboiler and variable water pressure so I can tune its performance to best suit your upholstery's construction. You can also be sure I have all the tools to reach all your upholstery's nooks and crannies.

Rinse & Conditioning - This will neutralise and remove any detergent residues that can cause resoiling and then I apply an eco-friendly conditioner, leaving softer, brighter furniture that will stay clean longer.

DryerDrying - Your upholstery will be 90% dry when I leave and will usually dry completely overnight. I have the knowledge and experience to only use the right amount of water, have the equipment to extract almost all of it back out and I use Turbo Dryers where necessary. Leather Recliner


I provide a complete leather cleaning service, restoring your valuable hide furnishings to as close-to-new condition as possible.
Firstly I must identify the specific type of leather you have (e.g. sealed, antique rubbed or pure aniline). Then it'll receive a gentle but thorough vacuuming.
Stains You might be surprised just how many types of stain can be safely removed from leather furniture so long as the correct chemicals are used in the correct way. Many stains must be treated dry in leather, so this comes next before any moisture is introduced.
Cleaning Now I can massage in a water-based leather cleanser to lift and remove all traces of soiling from the leather hide. This process takes some time and is completed by hand with good old fashioned elbow grease.
Leather SuiteConditioning When I am satisfied your leather is cleaned to its best potential I apply a refinishing cream and a protective coating. This enhances the attractive look of the leather and protects it from spills and further wear & tear.


Let me start by saying there are certainly some offering a cheaper service than mine (please read other parts of this page to understand how & why). My pricing reflects the time & care I take over providing a deep, thorough and proper wash for your upholstery.

Our best bet is always going to be for me to pop round to inspect and give you a no obligation, no charge, accurate quote (which I will stick to). However, as a general guideline, upholstered seating is charged at...

  Sofa £20 for the base and then £15 to £20 per seat
  Armchair £35 to £55
  Dining Chair £3 to £10
  Mattress £30 to £50

Included in the price are the specialist skills required for the removal of spots & stains such as:


shoe polish


pet stains
coffee / tea
chewing gum


grease / oil


Moth and Flea Pet flea & Carpet Moth treatment (£5 to£10 per item)
Allergy treatment Anti-Allergy treatment (£5 per item)
Stain Protector Stain Protection treatment (£5 to £10 per item)
Flame Retartent Anti-Flame treatment (£5 to £10 per item)